Dear YourName,

You did a great job on the Level Test.

Your overall score is 33, which places you as Beginner (Level 3) learner on EnglishCentral.
  Comprehension Grammar & Vocabulary Communication Pronunciation Fluency     


Summary & Recommendations:

During your test, you were able to introduce yourself clearly. Your pronunciation was good, but I noted a few words and sounds for your to work on. Also, on grammar, I suggest focusing on preposition use, such as the ones I note below.

Also, based on your English level and the learning goals you expressed in the call, I have suggested two courses for you:
1. Business English 1
2. Top 10 Pronunciation Challenges for Koreans

Here are of words we have flagged for you to practice your pronunciation:

   wicon welcome wicon travel wicon meet

Grammar & Vocabulary:
Here are some grammar corrections for you. (X) = incorrect and (O) = correct
(X) Why did they pick like someone.
(O) Why did they pick someone like him?

(X) Do you have any plans in moving.
(O) Do you have any plans to move?

Overall Assessment:
As a Beginner (Level 2) English learner on EnglishCentral, you are able to understand vocabulary and everyday phrases related to personal areas such as family information, shopping and employment.

Vocabulary We estimate your vocabulary size between 700 and 1400 words. When you study words on your MyWords page, focus on the Level 2 words.

Speaking Your target speech grade in the Speak Mode of each video lesson should be at least a C. Try repeating the lines in Speak Mode until you get at least that score.

Content Recommendations To get to Level 3, you should practice simple conversations. Your goal is to build your vocabulary so you can understand and use familiar everyday expressions, and interact in with simple conversations. We recommend you select a video or course from the Beginner level on EnglishCentral or challenge yourself by choosing a video or a course at the Intermediate level.
Breakdown by Area:
Here is the breakdown of your overall score of 33 across the five assessed areas:

Can speak fluenty with simple and complex sentences, but tends to pause often with more complex sentences.

Grammar & Vocabulary
Makes very few grammatical errors in simple, but has difficulty constructing complex sentences. Does not self-correct with either simple or complex sentences.

Can carry a fluent conversation on basic topics with simple sentences, but has difficulty in expressing thoughts fully on more difficult topics, and rarely uses expressions and idioms.

Has a slight non-native accent, but phonemes, prosodics and rhythm are quite natural when speaking simple sentences slowly. Pronunication problems evident when trying to talk at native speeds.
pronunication errors with words and sentences.

Gives appropriate answers in basic dialogs, but has difficulty in
expressing oneself with complex sentences.

You can review the Level Test by downloading the audio, which we keep available for you for two weeks after your session.